Friday, November 30, 2012

Meet the Crafty Fox DJs

By Stephan

Music has always been a very important element of The Crafty Fox Market and we're very lucky to count some great DJs as our friends.  I'll introduce some of them here.

Chris & Cindy are better known as manVSwife or Hands On Family when they DJ.  They run the music part of United80 in Brixton Village and play the smoothest selection of soul, jazz, funk and all things good.  It's essential listening on a weekend morning and keeps us smiling during busy market days.
Local DJ Hwen Rascale lives a literal stones throw from the Dogstar DJ booth.  Very handy after a late night.  Hwen is a professional DJ who also runs his own parties alongside his day job. He produces a number of re-edits of his own, so chances are that the dancefloor hit he's spinning has his very own twist.
Stephen McCaroll is a talented DJ from Dublin.  He looks like Noel Fielding and recently re-proclaimed his love for vinyl.  That's good because Crafty Fox loves vinyl.  Over on twitter he has also proclaimed a love for weaving.  When he's not drinking pints with postman Pat he can be found trawling for second hand 80's records or women's jewellery, -nuff said.
At our Christmas markets a second DJ booth will be popping up behind the counter in the Tea Room.  This means we will be playing out over two floors and will be welcoming some new DJs to the fold including Tom Patullo and D'Arcy Heath.  Other talented friends that will be spinning include Parisien house head Mister T and ex radio and club joc HowieK.
As a keen record collector and DJ it's no secret that dusting off a few 12" for Crafty Fox is one of my favorite parts of each event.  It gives me a warm feeling to get that appreciative nod from a stall holder or punter when they're enjoying the music.  The environment allows the DJs to play anything they want, and we always mix it up.   

Check out our soundcloud page for a taste of what's on our player at the minute.

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