Friday, November 2, 2012

Look & Feel

My latest homework assignment for the 'Blogging Your Way' course was to create a mood board representing this blog. Faced with a choice of a digital version or collecting up relevant items and photographing them, I opted for the second option using items from around the house and garden. This is my first ever mood board - I really enjoyed making it so I don't think it will be my last! 

Lavender Birdie from Hope and Eden,
Brixton print by Lucy Loves This, 'I eat my cake in my pants' plate and 'Ghetto Badger' print by Jimbobart.
A couple of flyers from our previous events with Crafty Fox illustrations by Jimbobart
Bunting Triangle from Etsy UK
'Love' paperweight from The Lollipop Shoppe
Birdie postcard by Heart Zeena
Fox cushion by Robin & Mould

I started with a backdrop of records - the DJ's are a key element of Crafty Fox and our house is stuffed full of vinyl so it seemed like an obvious place to begin. Jimbobart is the talented illustrator behind the Crafty Fox character so my next move was to reach for some of his brilliant work.  I also chose to add the Brixton print from Crafty Fox regular, Lucy Loves This. Like most Brixtonite's, we love where we live. 

At present, the blog's main colour scheme is black, white and red. In putting together this mood board, I included a couple of items in turquoise - I think this is a good addition and plan to incorporate it in the design in future. The one thing I struggle with is the quality of my photography - an element which I would really like to improve.

I am planning a blog redesign - conveniently this is actually the latest homework assignment from the blogging course so hopefully it will give me the push I need to make it happen. I'm contemplating a switch from blogger to either wordpress or tumblr. Sometimes I find blogger clunky to use and I'm not technically able enough to mess with the html.  Any recommendations out there? 


  1. Hi Crafty Fox X Also on the BYW course, LOVE your blog and mood board and looking forward to seeing how the journey goes (of course, terrified of my own...). A London Girl at heart brought up in Tooting Bec and went to La Retraite so know your neck of the woods well (though from what I hear now it is WAY more artsy and less gangland....). Living - for now - in Melbourne, Australia but totally miss home ALL the time. Look forward to watching you grow, KittyB

  2. Hi sinead, lovely to meet you and what a great mood board - I can see you have a lovely house with all that gorgeous art and craft pieces. Have a great weekend :) Maybe we will meet one day :) x