Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jimbobart Exhibition at Wolf & Badger

Last week, we went on an outing to the launch of an exhibition by our very own Jimbobart, who was showing his work alongside Phoebe Richardson. It was at Wolf and Badger in Mayfair as part of Vogue Fashion's Night Out. There was a real buzz in the area as lots of venues were hosting events on the same evening.
Jimbobart next to 'Mrs Spring Fox' 
Jimbobart produces new artwork for each Crafty Fox Market.  Several of these featured in the exhibition and proved particularly popular with guests.  It was great to see the latest 'DJ Crafty Fox and MC Badger' artwork which will feature on the poster for our forthcoming Christmas Markets. It was appropriately hung next to the glamorous DJ!
Check out Mr Bear - he featured on the flyer for the exhibition. Amazingly, this piece and a number of others produced specifically for this exhibition, were drawn using a scraperboard. You can view the latest work on Jimbobart's website.

 It was a special night for us as it was baby RĂ­an's first big night out!

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