Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Full Marks for Homework Collective

Mr Fox was delighted to receive an application for the Night Market from talented local designers, HomeWork Collective. Jonathan (pictured far left) is usually found behind the bar at our events, pulling pints and chatting with customers at the Dogstar. This time, he's going to be selling his own creations. 

"HomeWork Collective is made up of three designers Adam Martin, Andrew Walker and Jonathan Hood. Coming from different backgrounds (illustration, furniture design and fine art) we share a sense of humour shifting from the surreal to sarcasm and bordering on the sick. We aim to bring something a bit weirder to a sector dominated by coolness.

"HomeWork is small T-shirt design label specialising in hand printed limited edition T-shirts. The name of the company originating from the conditions we work under from bedroom designing to kitchen based printing. We use these conditions to our advantage keeping print runs small and ideas fresh. This allows us to focus on the quality of the design and the physicality of the transfer from screen to shirt.

"Most recent designs have been examining paparazzi, pets, bad tattoo ideas, what ifs, and fictional rock bands. We combine free hand drawing, with collage, tracing, and digital manipulation. We print from silk screens usually between 1 to 3 colours. Simplicity is the key to keeping the designs, look and ethos of the company in the right place.

"We are a relatively new label we started in February this year after a chance meeting between me and Andrew Walker commonly known as Spud! We studied in Manchester together but had not seen each other in 5 years. That got the ball rolling and I soon asked Adam Martin to join our new enterprise. Since then things have snowballed for us. We won a CASS creative start up award at University of the Arts artsmart market and we are looking forward to taking part in their follow up event at the Thames festival.

"First up though is the Crafty Fox night market at the Dogstar on the 1st of September. I’m really looking forward to this event after seeing firsthand what a great market it is from my tactical viewpoint behind the bar. Only this time I get to enjoy it as opposed to watching begrudgingly through the mist of my hangover and serving everybody else drinks!"

You will also find Crafty Fox at the Thames Festival as part of the Craft Trail. Our pop up crafty wonderland will be nestled between the trees next to the Tate Modern. Pay us a visit to discover a fabulous selection of designer makers and take part in one of our free workshops, which are sponsored by Find out more here

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