Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crafty Fox Night Market at The Dogstar, Brixton - Thursday 1st September, 6pm - 10pm

Now accepting stallholder applications. Closing date 25th July. For more details, please email Mr Fox. Summer Fox artwork by the amazing Jimbobart
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Handmade Wedding

You may have noticed that Crafty Fox has been a little quiet lately - well, that's because we've been busy getting married! A wedding is a great opportunity to get crafty and we embraced that philosophy by adding as many handmade touches as possible. Although this led to a few ridiculous moments like a mad dash around central London three days before the big day in search of purple bakers twine (unsuccessful!!), all the hard work was definately worth it. A few of my favourite elements were:

'Ghetto Badger' invitations, illustrated by the wonderful Jimbobart of Crafty Fox fame. These were printed by us at Cobble Lane Studios over a few beers. Our friends loved them and they certainly helped to build the anticipation for our urban wedding.

Ghetto Badger made an appearance again on our book of readings. The pages were bound together with purple bakers twine until I ran out and had to improvise!

The dress was actually my Mum's wedding dress from 1969. It was originally sewn by hand by one of my Granny's friends. When the time came to get a helping hand with it, SW Craft Club posted a twitter message which led to me tracking down an extremely talented local dressmaker, Rachel Frost. Rachel was fantastic to work with and did an amazing job on the dress. The original had long sleeves and a high neck! I loved the addition of lace capped sleeves.

Pretty lace sleeves

I tracked down a very lovely handmade feather hair clip and birdcage veil from Lily Bella - highly recommended! 

I loved my handmade earrings which were an early birthday present from husband-to-be. They were from the wonderful Gill Wing in Islington

Of course the bridesmaid gifts had to be from my very own Galavant collection. As soon as I find the time, I would love to make a bridesmaid collection using sterling silver and precious stones

Even my two little nephews had a very 'crafty time' in the run to the wedding as Jamie was inspired to make all the confetti. It wasn't long before his brother Louis got in on the act as well! For anyone who was a the Easter Crafty Fox, you may remember seeing budding artist Jamie busy drawing portraits

Pom poms are the new bunting.....or at least in my world they make more sense as I haven’t yet mastered sewing but love making pom poms! 

Along with some friends, I spent a fun crafternoon in the Dogstar making 12 giant pom poms which looked amazing hanging from the room of 6 St Chad's Place where we had our reception and party.


At dinner time, we left postcards in every place setting and asked guests to write something to make us smile. 


The nieces and nephews did a great job of collecting them up and putting them in the fab vintage suitcase that a friend rescued from a skip - a very lucky find!

We got a bit carried away when it came to the table plan. Each record represents a table and we used a dymo embosser to make a label for each person's name. Table names were based around things which meant a lot to us so one table was called 'Brixton' and of course, another was named 'Crafty Fox'. Look out for lots of embossed labelling at future Crafty Fox Markets! 

A friend made us an amazing confectionery mountain for our cake. I have to admit that the cake fell quite far down my list of priorities so I was more than happy to give my friend complete creative control! It was a hit with guests who came up and helped themselves to something yummy.


We also enjoyed delicious heart shaped cookies made by Steph's Mum to a traditional German recipe

My main piece of advice to any brides-to-be out there is to make sure you do your big day your own way and enjoy every minute. We had a lot of help from our friends along the way so thank you once again - you know who you are! xx