Sunday, February 20, 2011

What has Mr Fox been listening to?

Greetings! Here are some tracks I have been listening to on my i-paw this week complied by one of the Crafty Fox DJ's, Hwen Rascale. For your listening pleasure...

Latest tracks by Crafty Fox

Thursday, February 17, 2011

And now a word from Mr Fox....

Well hello my dear friends,
It seems hardly a second since I'd twitched my whiskers to bid you all a fond farewell.  How can it be that my next crafty gathering is but already upon us - my dears how delightful! Alas, it is time for my wintering holiday in Brockwell Park to come to an end after many a full moon and tasty treat.
So my crafty revellers, 'tis with the utmost delight that I announce to you that 'twill be on the 16th of April when the magic of the Crafty Fox Market will commence once again. It is with the greatest pleasure that I hear I will settle back into the cosy confines of the Dogstar, one of London town's most handsome of haunts.
If you, like me dear friends, find yourself feeling sad at the loss of the letter then you can spend some time in the letter lounge enjoying the pen and paper once more, after all, there is no finer pursuit than that of the written word. Better than a trip to flicks with only my bushy tail for company!
And whilst I have to admit to being rather decadent, sneaking back a few too many fiery ginger beers at our previous gathering, this time I will be paying a visit to the tea rooms for a more gentlemanly tipple to accompany my in my meanderings around the marvellous stalls. I have heard whisperings that my crafty friends from Etsy will be in residence on the upper floor with some extra-special offerings – how very mysterious.
But dear crafters hurry, for come midnight of the 1st of March no more applications for stalls can be accepted. You must write to me at once if you would like to sell your wares.

I shall look forward to crafting my bowtie into a suitably convivial style – what shall you craft for me?
Mr Fox

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Local Hero: Zoe of SW Craft Club

SW Craft Club is a blog dedicated to all things ‘crafty’ taking place in South London. The blog was started by Zoe in Oct 2010 and has already picked up a lot of momentum. The Crafty Fox recently met up with Zoe to find out more...

So…tell us a bit about yourself?
I live in Clapham and have been in London for 10 years now. I studied fashion, have an arts background and work for an arts university. It’s an office based job but I am surrounded by creative people which is inspiring.

What made you come up with the idea for SW Craft Club?
I was looking for a creative outlet and began researching opportunities online. The majority of things I found were in East or North London. I was after something closer to home and although I knew such things existed, there didn’t seem to be anywhere online that listed activities in South London in one place. I decided to start the blog to fill this gap. I’m not the world’s greatest writer and didn’t even know how to add images to the web when I first started out so it was a challenge. A friend suggested starting a facebook group but I thought that sounded a bit daunting so decided on a blog instead. The idea was to build an interactive site to get people talking and build a network. Craft and social media are not usually connected but I wanted it to be key to how I market and interact with people interested in SW Craft Club.

What have you enjoyed most about starting the blog?
The most encouraging thing is getting positive feedback either on the blog itself or via twitter and facebook. I have gained over 600 followers on twitter since October. I have met lots of new people locally and also been invited to take part in a number of community projects which I wouldn’t normally have been involved with. I’m currently volunteering in a Lambeth council community project in West Norwood, aimed at creating a monthly market, including crafts, called the Norwood Feast.  

What are your plans for SW Craft Club in 2011?
It would be fantastic if I could grow the blog into a fully functioning website which would help the local crafts community to interact. This would mean that I could add lots of useful features which aren’t available on a blog.

What is your favourite crafty pastime?
It’s really difficult to pick one but for the moment, it’s probably cross-stitch. I have recently joined the stitch n’bitch group in Balham which I’m really enjoying. It’s a great way to meet new people and learn a new skill. Watch this space, you may even see some SW Craft Club cross-stiches soon!

Thanks to Zoe for taking the time to chat and for helping to promote The Crafty Fox Market. You can find SW Craft Club at