Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Knitting Workshop at The Crafty Fox Market this Saturday

Brixton's local stitch 'n bitch collective otherwise known as The Community Knitting Club will be running a FREE knitting workshop this Saturday at The Crafty Fox Market from 12 - 2pm. No experience is needed so why not plan your visit to the market around the workshop. If you've ever had a desire to pick up the needles, now is your chance!  You can impress your friends with your own handmade Christmas tree decoration - cool eh! 

12.00 - Community Knitting Club Introduction followed by Casting On (without the carry-on!)
12.30 - Know your Knit stitch
12.45 - Pretty Purl stitch
13.00 - Simply Stocking Stitch
13.15 - Casting Off
13.30 - Knit your own festive decorations! 

There will be a limited amount of needles and wool available for use during the workshop on a first come, first served basis. Experienced or beginner knitters, everyone is welcome! You can read more about the Community Kitting Club here


  1. address / map link would be good


  2. Hello - map link is below. Hope you can join us!